5G Poised to Fuel Supply Chain Innovation

There is a great deal of hype around the 5G technology and this hype should be taken seriously because 5G is widely believed to be smarter, faster, and more efficient than 4G. Although this much-talked-about technology is a long way away from being widely deployed, it is seen as a potential game-changer across the global […]

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Future-proof your Supply Chain using Next-Gen Technologies

Rapid spread of Coronavirus, from China to the rest of the world, has been an unprecedented shock for global supply chains across all industries. According to WTO, global merchandise trade for 2020 is set to plummet by 13% to 32% due to covid-19 with biggest impact on North America and Asia. Legacy supply chain structures […]

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Solving Supply Chain’s Big Problems – Value Chain Visibility & Demand Matching

Supply chains, despite enhanced planning and management, are not immune to exceptional, unforeseen events. While careful planning and increased integration of technology can help in mitigating the impact and shortening delays, they are nowhere near enough to deal with global problems like the one we currently face. The Covid-19 pandemic tested and broke even the […]

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