Advanced Security Analytics for digital enterprises

The Challenge According to, thousands of enterprises have been hacked despite security point-solutions in place for years on end – SIEMS, firewalls, end-point solutions – you name it! In today’s world, billions of signals are coming in, and data is flying all over the place! So how does one get one’s hands around this […]

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Making the case for Advanced Security Analytics

With increased adoption, usage and proliferation of data, all organizations are trying to become digital. However, it also increases the probability of security threats and breaches. To sustain in this digital economy, enterprises need to invest in cutting-edge technologies that provide real time visibility in to cyber risks and help create mitigation plans accordingly. However, […]

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How IoT can help Small and Medium Enterprises kick-start their DX journey

Internet of Things or IoT, with its web of interconnected devices, is revolutionizing the way we engage, live and work. From wearables and autonomous vehicles to industrial supply chains and connected machines, IoT can provide tangible benefits everywhere – to people, governments, and organizations of all sizes.  However, not everyone is able to extract the […]

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